Ecumenical Catholic Communion

The Community of Saint Luke is a member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC), a confederation of over forty independent Catholic communities, specialized ministries, and religous orders in America and several European countries.

The ECC and the Old Catholic Church are today just as the church was in the beginning; holding fast to the beliefs and practices of the early undivided church in whose midst and whose head is Jesus Christ.  We stand firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition of the one, holy catholic and apostolic church.  The universal councils of the early church are as ever, the foundation of our faith and the understanding of the church.  The ECC has adopted the synodal form of governance consisting of laity and clergy, with the majority of delegates from the laity. Bishops are elected, not appointed and have term limits. They remain pastors of their original parishes and they live in their communities among the people.

For more information and history, please visit the ECC website.

East Coast ECC

The ECC churches on the East Coast of the United States actively gather and share our experiences. 

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